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spacerThe Warrior's Axe

“My chief want in life is someone who shall make me do what I can.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Synopsis and Reviews

Hidden among the golden hills, an abandoned Native American encamp-
ment remains undiscovered until a troubled boy stumbles across its rocky border.

What he finds there alters the course of his life...


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quotation-markA. J. Rippo creates a vivid, noble warrior chief who doesn't seem to know the meaning of defeat until he tries mentoring a boy in distress.

The story is told from the perspective of a young adolescent male struggling with difficulties at home (only 7 years old in the first chapter, he graduates from high school in the last). When he encounters the warrior while seeking solace in the nearby hills, their teacher/student relationship gets off to a rocky start.

"Retribing" is as much for parents and mentors as it is for boys. The insights into the mind of a young male are deep and moving.quotation-mark


quotation-markA boy faces everyday struggles at home and at school and escapes into a surreal world where he is mentored by a mysterious warrior.

Packed with important secrets for boys. Full of insight for parents and mentors.

A fantastic story with heart.quotation-mark


A tadpole grows legs and leaps from the pond a bullfrog:

A hatchling develops wings and flies from the nest an eagle:

A boy...becomes a man:

Becoming a man is a thrilling adventure but boys often get lost along the way. Without a guide that knows the path, many wander in circles or stumble into dangerous territory.

RETRIBING is the story of an ordinary boy stranded on the road to manhood. Befriended by a mysterious Native American chief on the outskirts of town, he learns the secrets of the warrior's feathers and leaves the hills a man.


Follow the warrior into the hills! Face his challenges. Earn your feathers. Chase your dreams...


quotation-markA young boy grows into an older boy and hopefully finds the place and space to begin the stretch into manhood. How does that happen?

That it must, is known by counselors, doctors, law enforcement, teachers, and of course, parents and girlfriends.

Author, A. J. Rippo, inserts us into one imaginative pathway, and we don't leave when the story ends.

Don't rush-read this book.
It is a re-read.quotation-mark

--Samuel D. Delisi, M.D.


quotation-markAll of the reviews of AJ Rippo's RETRIBING that I've read so far focus on the 'transition from boy to man' theme. Although I enjoyed that as well, the story spoke to me more about the incredible power of mentorship in anyone's life: boy, girl, man, woman...

I think the title says it all, RE-TRIBING. It's a touching story about the power of seeking wise teachers.

It made me want to run to the hills and search for the warrior myself...quotation-mark


quotation-markWith humor, symbolism, and wisdom, Rippo challenges his readers to rise above past negative experiences and grow beyond their wildest dreams toward authentic manhood.

A compelling story for males of any age, and for their guides and companions along the road to maturity.

It's laced with mystery and packed with insight. I thoroughly enjoyed it.quotation-mark

-RMD, teacher and single-mother of two.

RETRIBING: The Unpaved Road to Manhood
by A. J. Rippo (Paperback - June, 2009)
ISBN 978-0-9823107-0-0
Publisher: Joyful Diction

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